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Company Profile

Human life needs aromas and creating aromas is a complex blend of science and art. As a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances used in a wide variety of consumer products, millions of consumers around the world enjoy our products on a daily basis.

From India to more than 13 countries around the world, Kambay’s creations of good taste and smell have added a sensory experience to millions of products.

With a legacy of over 10 years, Kambay Aromatics is a leading manufacturer of high quality flavours and fragrances for domestics and international markets.

We are engaged in developing, manufacturing and dealing of Fragrances and Flavours for application in various industries like: Soaps & Detergents, Incense Sticks & Candles, Cosmetics, Fine Fragrances and various types of flavours for Bakery, Snacks, Drinks and Dairy products.

The Kambay aromatics is well known for its quality and innovation offering its customers a creative edge and helping to support their products and brands.

Continuous investment in Research & Development and constant upgradation in its manufacturing facilities have helped the Kambay Aromatics to serve its customers of today and tomorrow.

Through its sales force, agents and marketing representation, Kambay Aromatics covers over 13 countries in South East Asia, Dubai, Malaysia, Indian sub continent, Middle East and Africa.